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At Mansfield Medical Imaging, our focus is on bringing top radiological and imaging services to patients at reasonable rates. We employ a staff of highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring associates who can guide you through your visit. We have the capability to perform your CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound, X-ray, CTA, MRA imaging, DEXA scan and more. We do this using technologically advanced equipment and an experienced staff who can make your visit smooth and efficient.

Comprehensive Radiology and Imaging Services

When your physician orders imaging services, you have a choice in providers. Here at Mansfield Medical Imaging, we offer radiology services to all independent of any Hospital affiliation. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Radiography � We can provide safe and comfortable X-ray services for patients of all ages.
  • Ultrasounds � Our technicians perform a variety of ultrasound studies to help you get the right diagnosis and care.
  • CTA Imaging � Our staff offers CT angiography for vascular studies.
  • CT Scans � We can fulfill all of your physician's diagnostic imaging orders.
  • MRI and MRA Scans � We have advanced magnetic resonance imaging machines to further your healthcare plan success.
  • Additional Services � Our other offices in Arlington and Grapevine also offers mammograms, lung cancer screening, HIDA Scan, Bone Scan, Nuclear Medince Thyroid Scan, Gastric Emptying Study and Coronary Calcium Scoring.
Focus on Excellence in Patient Care

Besides offering a menu of convenient services, our office is proud to make patient satisfaction a priority. Instead of feeling like a number in a hospital environment, a visit to our office means you'll feel valued and welcomed. Our staff makes every attempt to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable throughout your scan and appointment. Let us help you discover a new level of patient care and customer service at our office.

Dedication to Making Care Affordable

The other key value we prioritize at our office is affordability. Our goal is to limit the sticker shock that sometimes comes along with healthcare services, diagnostic tests and other procedures. Because we are an independent imaging center, we are able to perform high-quality services at a much lower cost to our patients. We know you have a choice when it comes to healthcare, and we hope to help our patients get access to everything they need by taking advantage of choosing independent facilities like our office.

Quality Imaging Using the Top Tools in the Industry

Of course, none of our services would be possible if we also weren't committed to the latest technology and trends in radiology. As this industry evolves and healthcare needs change, we are focused on constantly upgrading our equipment and practices to make imaging more accurate and effective. Safety is another key component of our facility, and new advances in radiology have made imaging even safer than ever to patients. We only use the top tools of our trade and give our patients the best quality.

If you need to schedule a radiological service or an imaging procedure, contact us today. Fill out our online form, or give us a call at 682-518-1234. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and give you more information about what to expect throughout your procedure.

ACR Accredited Facility Lung Cancer Screening Center
Imaging Services
General Radiology
Our diagnostic radiographers evaluate bone-related injuries or damage, detect pneumonia, and can help diagnose the source of back pain with quick turnaround results, and accurate readings.

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Bone Densitometry
Early detection is the key to protecting your patients from debilitating osteoporosis. With 55% of people over 50 diagnosed with the disease, our non-invasive DEXA readings provide quick, easy readings to help you offer proactive bone care to those in your care.

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High Field 1.5 T MRI
Using the latest in MRI and MRA technology, our equipment is designed to minimize claustrophobia and provide easy access to a wide range of patients. From blood vessel analysis to brain and spine diagnosis, our certified neuroradiologists will provide reports in less than 24 hours.

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CT scan
Using state-of-the-art spiral scanning techniques, we provide the cleanest cross-section images of your patients' internal anatomy. Detect disease, trauma effects, and musculoskeletal disorders in the earliest stages with our swift diagnostic reads.

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Why Choose MMI?
Our Philosophy

We include these values in everything we do. Our Mission is to see to it that every patient receives the top of the line radiologic care with compassion that each person deserves. We treat everyone we encounter with concern, respect, and kindness, and always hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of integrity. We recognize that we can accomplish more as a team than as individuals and always strive to improve clinical outcomes through better communication and collaboration with physicians, patients, and providers.

First time there and the staff was very professional and friendly. I would recommend Mansfield Medical Imaging for your imaging needs. They are great...... Abby!! You are so AWESOME.

Lettie Tippens
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